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The MoZarkians

"I roamed the countryside searching for answers
to things I did not understand."

- Leonardo da Vinci

You're probably wondering about the term "MoZarkians". The MoZarkians were a tribe of little people who inhabited the caves of Missouri during the time of the dinosaurs and ... uh, don't buy that? Actually, MoZarkian is a very clever combination of the name "Moore" and the geographic descriptor for the part of the country where we currently live, the "Ozarks". The "Mo" also conveniently connotes "Missouri", the part of the Ozarks we pay our taxes to ...

This site is currently in draft form. While it is not good practice to publish a site with so many unfilled gaps, I'm doing it anyway. My motivation is the fact that my youngest son is currently working the summer season at the U.S. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica. He will be finished in early February and I wanted to publish something about his unique experience while it is still ongoing (or at least recent history) - see the South Pole page.

The primary theme of this site is to document the lives, interests, and activities of our family (sons Will and Kevin, daughter Emily, wife Kathie, myself, and perhaps others). But I would like to do it in a way that goes beyond the usual family blog, picture gallery, or Facebook entry and provides content that will be of interest to outsiders who are not relatives, friends, or acquaintences. Hopefully, Kevin's South Pole page is a good example. Eventually, there will be complete pages for everyone, depending on permissions granted.

In addition, since I am pursuing at least part time work in software and website development, I am using and incorporating techniques and technologies to construct the site that will provide examples to prospective clients/employers - the site will be referenced in future project proposals and job applications. For example, I have implemented, using PHP and MySQL, a basic content management system that can be accessed by registered users who can log in and update various aspects of the site content online (e.g., the Dispatches on the South Pole page). I have also incorporated a Food page that allows a user to search the USDA's data base for detailed nutrient information on a wide variety (over 7000) foods. And I have integated a full installation of Wordpress as a Blog page on this site. I am working on a Software page that will include a more detailed discussion on the methods and technologies I have used to construct the site.

That's where the site stands right now. As it evolves, there will no doubt be additions and subtractions to the content. The site appearance will likely be refined or overhauled completely and perhaps some of the content will be migrated to separate sites. Who knows? In the meantime, what you see is what you get. Thanks for your patience.

- Rich Moore